Welcome To Keepin-Fit, LLC

Image Build Muscle
Keepin Fit offers personal training and yoga, custom designed to fit your needs and desires. Sessions can be held at your home or business.

Image RunKeepin Fit personal training can include:
*   Functional Training – Training targeted at enhancing coordinated movements specifically designed at improving function in activity necessary for everyday living.
*   Endurance TrainingTraining aimed towards maintaining long duration activities.
*   Strength TrainingTraining targeting the ability to produce a maximal force when contracting muscles.
*    Hypertrophy Muscle TrainingTraining to increase the mass/size of a muscle.

Image Walk

Energizing, yet relaxing yoga sessions based on the vinyasa flow style.  The sessions are designed to improve strength, balance and flexibility for the body, mind and spirit.

Image Feel Good About YourselfPressure Point Yoga:
Combining the ancient arts of Yoga and Pressure Points to assist in Keepin your body Fit and Healthy.

Healing A Natural Way:
Stretching, Proper Diet, Reiki & other Energy Healing techniques to bring you to emotional and physical “Well-Being”!!!!

Healing a Natural Way for Animals:
Reiki & other Energy Healing techniques to bring your pet emotional and physical relaxed  “Well-Being”!!!!