Finding New Connectors to God  April 24-26, 2020

We will explore four ways to we connect to God.  You will have the opportunity to try each one.


The Interactions of Prayer with Meditation  April 23-25, 2021

We will look at various ways to both pray and meditate, plus how the two work together.  During the weekend we will gain an understanding of what prayer and meditation are.



Reiki Classes to start!!!!

If you are called to heal yourself and/or others, then start with Reiki Degree One and see where it takes you.

Reiki Degree One class – Next class to be determined  Cost $100.00

Reiki Degree Two class – Next class to be determined Cost $150.00

Reiki Degree Three / Master Teacher class – Next class to be determined Cost $200.00

If you are interested in taking Reiki classes Degree/Level 1, 2 and 3/Master Teacher, please contact Denise for additional information!